bryant Arnett - Project Log


Bonnie Raitt
"Luck of the Draw"

Colin Hay
"Wayfaring Son"

Kenny G.

Johnny Mathis
"In the Still of the Night"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shells

Album and world tour

The Simpsons

“The Yellow Album”

Billy Idol

“Charmed Life”

Bob Seger

“The Fire Inside”

Michael Bolton
"Soul Provider"

Rod Stewart
"Vagabond Heart"

Ella Mental
"Ella Mental"

"Persistence of Time"

Roy Orbison
"Pretty Woman" (Soundtrack)

Natalie Cole

Richard Marx
"Rush Street"

The Temptations
"Together Again"

Jeffrey Osborne
"One Love, One Dream"

Nancy Kelly
"Live Jazz"

Bad English
"Bad English"

"Love Hurts"

Aretha Franklin
"Through the Storm"

Burns Sisters
"Endangered Species"

Neal Schon
"Late Night"

Station Braake
"Station Brake"

Dionne Warwick
"Table for Two"

Barbra Streisand
"Till I loved You"

Andre Berryman
"The World According to Dre"

Dianna Ross
"Force Behind the Power"

Sing Like Talking
"Try and Try Again"

The Brothers Figaro
"Gypsy Beat"


Jose Luis Rodriguez
"La Puma"

"Open up and Say Ahh"

Ted Nugent
"If You Can't Lick 'em, Lick 'em"

"$5.98 LP"

Glenn Medeiros
"Nothing's Going to Change My Love for You"

Paulinho da Costa

Flim and the BB's
"This is a Recording"

Greg Mathieson
"For My Friends"

The Jets
"Best of the Jets"

Warren Hill

"Who's Harry Crumb"
Soundtrack, Michel Columbier

Naked Gun 21/2"

Sister Act

Pet Cemetery 2

Lost Anthony

“Let’s See Your Credentials”

Lost Anthony

“Home Again”