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Television - Promos

I’ve always said, if broadcast network and cable television promos had credits, my IMDB page would list about 5000 entries.  With alternate versions and tags I estimate somewhere around 70,000 delivered promos. Every one of them was a work of art. :)

MGM HD Movie Network

I am proud to be celebrating 10 years (Spring ’16) delivering full audio services for the MGM HD Movie Channel. Thousands of promos, and a great time working with amazing people who have helped change, for the better, the way network promos are made.

The MGM family of networks for which I deliver complete audio services are:

COMET - Digital Broadcast Network featuring super Sci-Fi movies

IMPACT - On Demand Movie Channel, all action, all the time

The Works - Digital broadcast network featuring a variety of programming

Other clients for which I have delivered massive quantities of promos:

Plastic Cow Productions -  hundreds of interstitial and promo related projects, including TNT,  Disney channels, and numerous multimedia projects.

I operated my studio across the street from the Disney tower in Burbank for several years, and was a convenient place for producers to walk over and mix their promos. I have no idea how many thousands of promos I mixed for The Disney Channel, Playhouse Disney, Toon Disney and SoapNet, but it was a lot.

Promo at Post Logic included thousands of projects for clients such as Beckola (UPN, Paramount Television, Paramount Home Video, ACI, Columbia Pictures, etc.), Friedland/Jacobs, ABC, CBS, FOX, The WB Network, and Comedy Central.

The audio team I was on at Post Logic was responsible for the launch and first two seasons of the UPN Network, as well as all Fox Kids Network promos.

Eventually, I left Post Logic to work full time for the Fox Kids Network, where I created thousands of promos over the course of 5 years to support the following shows:

Alienators: Evolution Continues
Action Man
Angela Anaconda
The New Addams Family
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
The Avengers
Beetleborgs Metalix
Beast Wars
Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot
Bobby's World
C-Bear and Jamal
Carmen San Diego
Donkey Kong Country
Eerie Indiana
Flint The Time Detective
Ultimate Goosebumps
Life with Louie
Los Luchadores
The Magician
Monster Rancher
Mad Jack The Pirate
Mystic Knights
Mon Colle Knights
Masked Rider
Magic School Bus
Nascar Racers
Ned's Newt
Ninja Turtles
Oggy and the Cockroaches
Mr. Potato Head Show
Power Rangers
Power Rangers ZEO
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Power Rangers Turbo
Power Rangers Power Playback
Power Rangers in Space
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Power Rangers Time Force
Ripping Friends
Rimba's Island
Round the Twist
Stickin Around
Space Goofs
Sherlock Holmes
Spiderman Unlimited
Silver Surfer
Sam and Max
Secret files of the Spy Dogs
Transformers: Beast Machines
The Tick
Woody Woodpecker
Young Hercules
Zack Files

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