bryant Arnett - Project Log


Trick My Truck - CMT - Episodic reality show, five seasons, 59 episodes

Ski Patrol - TruTV - Episodic reality show, one season, 12 episodes

On The Lot - Episodic reality competition show, one season, 7 episodes, 42 short films sound designed and mixed

Deep Sea Salvage - Episodic reality show, one season, 6 episodes

Trick My Trucker, Episodic reality show, one season, 12 episodes

Varuna, Free Wheelin', My First Ride, Pilot mixes.

Viewtiful Joe

"Jeopardy" Sweetening (5 seasons) Merv Griffen

"Wheel of Fortune" Sweetening (5 seasons) Merv Griffen

Tom Joyner Show

Sunday Morning Shootout

Duel Masters

El Premio de la Gente

Worst Case Scenario

High School Reunion

"The Simpsons" ADR (various episodes)

Gracie Films

"The Critic" ADR (various episodes)

Gracie Films

Stupid Behavior, Caught on Tape - Episodic series, 13 episodes

Mad TV, Christmas Episode

America’s Got Talent - Special Episode

MTV, Making the Video episode, Michelle Branch, Goodbye to You

Best Damn Sports Show, 2002 Dammie Awards edit and mix

The Bachelor, second Season, season premiere special

Ripley's Believe it or not, Episodic television series

Pyramid, game show sweetening

Fairly Odd Parents

Crash Nebulae

"Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills"

syndicated series - 37 episodes; Sound design and FX, dialogue editing, mixing


"Out of the Blue"

series pilot; mixing

Sam Riddle Prods.

"The Chevy Chase Show"

prerecorded comedy sketches; mixing


Dixie Carter

"Dixie Carter’s Un-Workout Video"

213 TV

"Puzzle Place"

ADR (various episodes)


"The Mystery of Arctic Wolves"


The Family Channel

"Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad"

(foley - 10 episodes)


Television - Shows